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To save the planet we need to know how much pollution is generated by each product or service. Let’s show the world which companies
pollute the most ans let the consumers be aware of how pollutiong
a product is.

The GLOBAL POLLUTION INDEX (R) or GPI is a simple numeric value
that indicates the pollution impact of any products or services.
GPI algorithm measures how much pollution was generated by the
manufacturing, farming, packaging, transport, and distribution of
a product or service. GPI must become mandatory on every product
and service and on any of their promotional materials.

So when a consumer purchases a package of apples or a car, they
will have a GPI number indicating its pollution impact. The lower
the number, the less pollution was generated to produce, harvest,
package ans distribute the product.
By comparing GPI values, the environmentally responsible consumers
will be able to choose the apples or the car that generated the least
pollution. Implementation of the GPI will generate a fierce
competition among companies to have products with the lowest
possible GPI numbers by using green technologies, recycling, and
non polluting materials and tecchnologies.

Right now we are all concerned about the pollution in the environment
but we do not know which of the products that we buy generate
the most pollution. Thanks to the GLOBAL POLLUTION INDEX (R),
consumers will be able to differentiate between environmentally
friendly companies and the worst polluters.

The concept of the GLOBAL POLLUTION INDEX (R) was invented by RAEL, the spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, RAEL has publicly introduce the GLOBAL POLLUTION INDEX ( R) at the Global Warming International Conference at the Sheraton Miami Mart Hotel in Miami, USA on April 20-21, 2006


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